Fort Benning Tattoo
Josh McMillan, Owner + Artist
New Revolution Tattoo

Meet Josh McMillan, the owner and artist of New Revolution Tattoo. Josh possesses over 20 years experience as a Tattoo artist and prides himself in being one of the best at what he does, however, not only that. Josh, only hires the highest caliber of Tattoo artists and that means that no matter which tattoo artist you choose to work with to get your new tattoo you are getting the best.

The Team Josh has put together at New Revolution Tattoo is no question Top Notch, but also very customer/client service oriented. The Team is also all about providing you with the best possible Tattoo experience. After all, there are very little if anything that you can take with you when you go besides your Tattoos.

The story behind how Josh came to be the owner of New Revolution Tattoo is quite interesting and maybe if you ask him about it while getting a new Tattoo he’ll tell ya. Maybe…